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Last week was school vacation week, and we flew to Virginia, through La Guardia.  Luckily for me, [livejournal.com profile] saxikath pointed out 3 days before we left that _The Potato Chip Puzzles_ was out.  (I failed to order it from Amazon the day it came out, but that was OK, because my Local Independent Bookseller had some copies on the shelf when we went by on Saturday.) 

Naturally, the planes were all running late on our way there. (No storms, just Logan and LaGuardia being themselves.)  J happily folded himself up on the floor between the windows and the airport chairs, reading the book & keeping the pencil & scratch paper next to him. 
I think the highlight for me was when he looked at one of the minor puzzles (which rewards add up to $100), looked for a moment, said "this, this, this", and then,
J: "Hey, that's funny!  Mommy!  The ones you don't use are [IIRC] $19, $27, and $46.  What's funny about that?"
me: [looks blank--at that point I have a very mild fever]
J: "$19 + $27 = $46! Isn't that funny?"
That was when I was positive that he's the intended audience.

Overall, I'd have to say that _The Potato Chip Puzzles_ compares favorably to the borrowed gameboy we used for the last plane flights--similar depth of absorption of 8-year-old, without the worries about battery life, finding a charger, or, this time, a jealous younger sibling.  

Next time, could someone please remind me to print out the puzzle pdfs BEFORE we hop the plane?  

And it was a great vacation.  Good timing, too....



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