I'm at work; no real candle for me today.  Still, I'm thinking of my mother, Susan G. Hadden. 

So, a link and a story:

Testimony to the U.S. Senate on universal service (including, in the "openness" section, something that looks a fair amount like network neutrality), and the need for two-way video capability on the Internet, from 1994.

I will note that I got married in the summer of 1994, and that my mother was planning and organizing our wedding.  (I was working on my masters thesis, far away, and was only intermittently interested.) 

It was also a period when she did a certain amount of explaining telecommunications policy to Congress.  I think it may have been for this episode of testifying that I got a phone call from her: "I know you're coming for spring break next week, and we'd planned to do a bunch of things, including picking the wedding cake, but I've just been told that my testimony for the U.S. Senate about this telecommunications bill has been rescheduled for then.  So it looks like I'll have to be in Washington for a few days while you're here."  I think she said something about having told some relevant person that she couldn't stay very long because she was planning her daughter's wedding....    I'm still in awe that she was managing to juggle intensive wedding planning and deep involvement in telecommunications technology policy.  (Somewhere in there, she also briefed the Vice President.) 

She had also published in the areas of environmental policy, consumer protection, and (a bit) nanotechnology earlier on; when she died, she was policy chair of the Alliance for Public Technology.  Its goal is to bring broadband internet access to everyone, and to improve people's lives in a multitude of ways through advanced telecommunications technologies.  One of those ways is "foster[ing] improved and more affordable health care for all citizens," and that's where its work starts to impinge on mine (or at least my group's). Tele-health Experts Cite Broadband as a Healthcare Solution During Congressional Staff Briefing.  I think I'm amused.  I hope she'd be pleased.



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